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Forex Trading:-

BearStreet offer cross currency pairs (eur/usd, gbp/usd, usd/chf, eur/gbp etc.) trading for traders for start professional trading with an easy manner.

For start trading a trader have several issue to solve before start there trading. The issue like, worry about where open account, how to arrange fund for start trading, how to transfer the fund to company, how to get withdrawal the profit etc.

BearStreet make it easy and offering the best condition for traders to start currency trading without invested their own money. Just to focus only for profitable trading.

Join BearStreet, We train, we provide buying power for trading, make Profit & enjoy up to 70% of the profit join now

Currency Pair Available size of Trade Currency Pair Available size of Trade Currency Pair Available size of Trade
EUR/AUD 100/25000 USD/CAD 100/25000 EUR/CHF 100/25000
GBP/CHF /CAD 100/25000 USD/CHF 100/25000 EUR/GBP 100/25000
AUD/JPY 100/25000 CHF/JPY 100/25000 EUR/JPY 100/25000
GBP/JPY 100/25000 USD/JPY 100/25000 AUD/NZD 100/25000
EUR/USD 100/25000 GBP/USD 100/25000 EUR/TRY 100/25000
NZD/USD 100/25000 EUR/CZK 100/25000 USD/CZK 100/25000
EUR/DKK 100/25000 USD/DKK 100/25000 EUR/HKD 100/25000
USD/HKD 100/25000 EUR/HUF 100/25000 USD/HUF 100/25000
USD/ILS 100/25000 ZAR/JPY 100/25000 EUR/MXN 100/25000
USD/MXN 100/25000 CHF/NOK 100/25000 EUR/NOK 100/25000
GBP/NOK 100/25000 USD/NOK 100/25000 EUR/PLN 100/25000
GBP/PLN 100/25000 USD/PLN 100/25000 USD/SEK 100/25000
USD/RUB 100/25000 EUR/ZAR 100/25000 USD/SGD 100/25000
CHF/SEK 100/25000 EUR/SEK 100/25000 USD/THB 100/25000
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