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Proprietary Day Trader

A day trader working for a proprietary trading firm is typically a contractor, not an employee. "Prop traders" are not usually paid an hourly wage or monthly salary.

A proprietary day trader trades stocks, futures, options, currencies, etc. on major global exchanges, with the express purpose of producing a profit. Proprietary day trader is work for own on firm capital. He or she never engage for any others business development or client relationship of the firm--so there is no talking on the phone, sales or cold calls.

A day trader doesn't care where a stock will be next week or next year, they care about where it will in minutes, or even seconds, from now. The trader target is to make money with trading and the company/firm share profits with trader. The ratio of shearing is not fixing, but mostly the major part of the profit will be goes to trader part.

The types of proprietary day traders vary. Some only trade a few times a day for bigger gains. Other proprietary day traders will make hundreds of small trades a day, jumping in and out of the market. Some will trade the whole day, while others only trade certain hours of the day. Some traders trade only earnings and some trader’s trade gap-up or gap-down etc.

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